Sammy the Patissier

Sammy the Pâtissier is the name of Cafe De N's (produced by Nic) new squishy series. It consists of triple scoop ice cream cones, churros, donuts, and french crullers. I've seen the prototypes but the official versions have not been released yet.

I got the idea to make the inspired charms from Amy from tootookawaii.com. She suggested that I make them and I thought I'd give it a try.

I used homemade cold porcelain clay to make all of the charms. I mixed watercolor and acrylic paints for the dough pigment. The icing and drizzles were painted on with acrylic paint and for the sprinkles I used micro marbles and plastic sprinkles. Because the clay is not able to be baked, I used Sculpey gloss glaze as adhesive for the sprinkles to stick.

I made the tag with graphics from the Sammy Catalog photo on tootookawaii.com under the section "News." I used the illustrations and edited, resized, and color-changed them to fit the actual tag.

This is a comparison between the charm and the squishy prototype.

You can find more information about the Sammy series at:
The prototypes are for sale at:

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